[PLUGIN] Cisco DUO 2FA for SSH

This plugin adds two-factor authentication (2FA) for SSH sessions to your Volumio device. At this moment there are still some issues when changing the password, as some hard-coded functions require the default password. However, security can be hardened by adding two-factor authentication to (at least) starting SSH sessions.

Logged in example

iOS push messages (example)

I’ve already tested it myself, but it will require some more testing. It’s only for the brave (and security conscious) :wink:

Github repo: https://github.com/Saiyato/volumio-duo-plugin

Just performed some other tests (like delete the app in the DUO dashboard), as noted earlier, it fails-open. So I just quickly created a new app, copied the new keys and we’re good to go again.

Also, you only need to enroll your device once, and you can use DUO for other sites as well, just like the MSoft/Google ones.

I have been using the plugin for quite some time now, no issues whatsoever. So you can scrap the “only for the brave” part. It’s now regarded stable.