Plug-ins on Pro-Ject Streambox S" Ultra

I just got the S2 Streambox.
It uses a customised version of Volumio.
I was searching for a way to play Radio Paradise in FLAC quality, and it seems that it will need a plugin to use this.
(As opposed to the lower quality versions of the station, where you can just use an URL in the usual way)
However, when I look at screenshots of genuine Volumio GUI it has a plugin option in the drop-down menu - and this is missing in the Pro-Ject version.
Is there another way of getting it?
Or has Pro-Ject deliberately this door closed?
(I could see good reason for that - looking at it from the company’s point of view; stability issues etc.)

I guess, it may be possible to install a standard version of Volumio on the device, but I don’t feel to confident, that it would be a good idea…

Enable ssh and then try if you see a list of commands including install when running the following command, then you should be able to manually install a plugin.

volumio plugin

That being said - it’s better to contact the manufacturer and/or open up an issue at github/volumio/volumio-plugin to add the Pro-Ject to the other Volumio variants

Well. I enabled SSH - I’m just not quite sure, which username and password to use.
I believe, standard Volumio is volumio@volumio.local and password volumio.
Obviously, I should change volumio.local to the proper name - but the user and password???
I’m not sure I will go through the installation of the plugin, without knowing, that someone else did it successfully…
But the SSH access could be usefull for other puposes.

Sorry, can only speculate that it’s volumio volumio would remain the same…

Just curious if you got this to work. I got a Stream Box Ultra and have been digging it, aside from the omission of Spotify connect.

I also enabled SSH only to find out that the default credentials don’t work…

I use this URL:
As far as I remember, I did not have to make any further changes - but it MAY have been after an update of the Pro-Ject software.
I hope you can get it working as well.

Hi, on OEM Bulds (Volumio images customized for Audio Companies, like Pro-Ject) we don’t include the plugin store, unless specifically asked by the OEM. This is because some plugins can crash the system, and therefore we cannot guarantee the same quality of software.
Hope that helps

Hi Michelangelo,

I’m new in this forum and I would like to know if it is possible to install the Simple EQ Plugin on a S2 Ultra. If so, do I have to flash standard Volumio in order to do this? If flashing is needed, could you provide me with a guide to do this?

Thank you very much in advance and regards


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Hello I would like to know if the network complement for HQ player NAA already exists in Pro-ject stream box s2 ultra.