Plug and play volumio gustard x16 usb dac

hello, i am planning to buy a new usb dac the gustard x16 my question is are there vulumio users who already use this i use a hp thin client type t5740e is it plug and play then.
i have volumio virtuoso and volumio 2.916 hope someone can give me Huib

Hoi Huib,

I think you will run into issues as the Gustard is USB3 and the HP is USB2. So it will start to struggle with the data transport. I would not recommend it.
And looking at this DAC specs, I don’t think you’re going to play MP3 files.

You may want to flash Volumio 3 to a usb disk first and try to boot.
Volumio 2 and 3 are a little different, not just for 32bit/64bit support (64bit support should be ok with Intel Atom 280), but the bootloader also changed.


I checked on the web and the X16 is USB 2. Can’t comment on other issues but the USB version should not be a concern.