Please make it stop!

I’m sick and tired of finding problems with TIDAL support. Just tried to listen to the new Mastodon album it shows up but i cannot queue it or play it. How does simple shit like this not get fixed. WTF!

Solution: follow an anger management support programme and check the new updates in the comming months :wink:


Simple solution

I had a lot of problems with tidal and I thought it was because of volumio but I found out that it was just as bad from the android tidal app.

I switched to Spotify. Tidals own support sucks.

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Is there are release date? I keep hearing about a new release with better Tidal support but have no idea of the time frame.

p.s. I was wrong about the Mastodon album, I have had problems queuing albums before and thought this was another case. I’d had a couple of beers after a hard day at work and just wanted to listen to some new Mastodon since I hadn’t checked in on them in a while. Turns out Tidal list whole albums before they are released, The first song would play but the rest are non playable (on the tidal app I get a message saying that the recording studio does not allow digital download or some such thing). Anyway I was wrong and apologize. Maybe a more descriptive error message can be added in a future release if this is the way we are going with pre-releases.

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I haven’t has a single issue under the iPhone app.

I don’t know, from what I’ve read the Tidal implementation is now in a closed Beta. It is uncluded in the newest open Beta but it’s still “under water”. I am gonna wait a few months untill I am gonna reconsider switching to Roon or not.

Interesting! This is exactly a case where your feedback can help us improve it. I’ve forwarded this issue to the dev team so we will take care of this case as well. Thanks for reporting!

Today I’ve worked really hard to put the beta together.
We are going to have a little bit of QA on it, and if everything goes to plan, we will release a new version with the possibility to enable the BETA TIDAL and QOBUZ new implementations…