Please help

Hi all.
I recently blew the dust of my old pi 3b+ and decided I wanted to build a project so thought a nice music system.
I set volumio (2.729) up transfered my albums straight to the sd card (64gb) and it was all running perfectly.
Next I ordered the 7" touchscreen and a justboom amp hat plugged it all together added the justboom hat in the settings and now I’m having nothing but issues.
Music plays but if I skip a track. Screen says its playing but no sound. When I reboot it plays for a couple of tracks and does the same thing.
This is my first ever try at something like this.


Well firstly, I would remove one of your pieces of hardware to simplify your debugging. Does your system work fine without the display (and without the display plugin too) for example?

Thanks. Yeah. Disconnected the screen from the gpio jumpers logged in via Web ui and all working perfectly.


FatThor49 can you help me out with as you recently used this setup.

Please take a look at my post

I would be much appreciated as to what yours is.