Please help - I have 2 plugin problems - Spotify & YouTube

Hello everyone,
I’m a complete newbie to Raspberry pi & Volumio. This is my first post.
Please can you help me with a couple of Plugin issues?
I’ve just bought a RPI model 3b+ and Hifiberry DAC+ Pro and I have successfully installed and configured Volumio 2.
I am able to play the radio stations and also mp3 files from a USB stick, but that’s as far as I can get.
I have tried to install the plugin’s for both YouTube and Spotify, but I cannot get either of them to work?

YouTube- The plug in seems to install OK, (I have the icon on the browse screen). I have activated the plugin and gone into the settings, but the authorisation code is not in the box - (the box is empty) ?
I have tried everything, I have unistalled the plugin, re-installed it, done a factory reset on Volumio, then tried it all again, I’ve even reformatted the SD card and downloaded the latest image and set everything up from scratch again, but the plugin remains the same (no authorisation code).

Spotify - I’ve tried both plugin’s several times, (both separately and together) I have activated them but the logo doesn’t appear on the browse screan. I don’t seem to have the ‘settings’ option where I would enter my Spotify user name and password?
When I play a Spotify song from my phone or tablet, (both android devices).
I do have Volumio in the device options, but when I select it, the logo changes colour and says ‘connecting’ but doesn’t connect, it eventually times out.
I’ve tried everything I can think of and even gone to the extremes of reformatting my SD card and downloaded a fresh copy of the image (as per my YouTube issue outlined above).
Just for info, (in case the plugins are device sensitive) I have tried all the above from a Samsung Galaxy S7 Android smart phone, Samsung Tab 2 S android tablet and a Windows 10 laptop.
I’m so frustrated!

I wonder if some kind person, could please help me? I am a newbie and I don’t have a clue about coding etc…
Thanks in advance

Hi, so you may have more luck than me, but here’s a guide that has helped people to get youtube to work. Spotify works for me albeit the pitch plays TOOO fast

As I said in a reply to another thread, the Youtube plugin currently has problems.

For Spotify, are you a premium user, and have you entered your credentials in the plugin settings?