Playlist's play button starts an unlisted song (Qobuz)


I just made a playlist by adding 4 albums from QOBUZ to the playlist. Now that I try to play the playlist, a completely wrong songs starts. Here is an image to explain the situation:

What should happen if I click the play button on the 3rd row (left side of the album art)? I would have wanted Volumio to either play the song “When the Saints come marching in” or the whole album, but that is not what happened.

Volumio will start playing a song called “Not here, not now” by Joe Jackson which isn’t listed on the playlist. It just happens to be the third song from the album that is at the top of the playlist.

If I use the three dots on the right side, and choose play, then the correct song/album starts playing.

Dear customer,

Can you please send to techsupport at Volumio dot org a log link after the issue happen?

Go to IPOFVOLUMIO/dev—> send log—>copy the link and send via mail


Volumio tech support

Hi Davide!

Here is a link to the log (as I didn’t know to which mail I should have sent it to):