Playlists on RPi 2.163?

The playlist feature now looks like it works but… I can add and delete playlists, use titles from the queue to make playlists, but no playlist ever makes it back to the queue. Nothing transfers from the playlist to the queue, so what am I doing wrong.

You have seen the three vertical dots to the far right of your playlists haven’t you ? :wink:

Yes, that’s how I fail to get the playlist played or any titles moves to the queue…

Run a log just before attempting to send a playlist to the queue (‘sudo journalctl -f’)?

Regrettably, I can’t reproduce the problem. From one viewpoint, this is great because the product works as intended, and from my viewpoint it’s not so good as I don’t know what went wrong. The attempts to reproduce this failed as eventually Volumio stopped recognising the music files as playable, so a reboot was done and, after that, everything worked. I guess the moral of the story is, if at first you don’t succeed, reboot.