Playlist lists tracks but wont play after reboot

Hi all,
I’m hoping someone may be able to help me?

Here’s the headline:
If my Pi’s power goes out, on reboot my playlists are still there, with tracks assigned to them, but the tracks do not play.

Here’s some background on my system:
I’m running a Rpi 3 b+
I have the following plugins installed:

  • Backup and restore data 0.7.2
  • Spotify 1.3.5
  • Volumio Spotify Connect2 0.9.5

My pi is connected by HDMI to an amp connected to a speaker switch running 7 pairs of speakers in different areas of the house.
The music is stored on a Samsung T5 external SSD usb 3.1
My collection isn’t massive 3709 albums 16408 tracks

Details of symptoms:
My system has now started to ‘lose’ the music attached to the playlist.
If I have a power failure or power off without using the menu within volumio to restart/power off the playlists don’t work.
When I reboot the playlists are all listed.
If I open a playlist all the tracks are listed.
If I try to play the tracks in the playlist nothing happens.
If I navigate to a track in my music library the track will play.
It’s like the playlist has lost the address of the tracks.

Please, if you can assist, let me know what other information I haven’t posted that would be useful.


I has a similar issue when playlists were being deleted on reboot. I finally traced it down to a corrupt sd card. Just a suggestion but you may want to check you card, or flash another one to see if that fixes things.

I have the same issue running 2.853; pi 4 with Allo Boss DAC. I created several large playlists. Wonderful for a week or so, then they stopped working. Playlists continue to list tracks but can’t play them. I tried forcing rescan–nada. I regularly (4 months now almost daily) swap the sd card from win10 to add new music and go back to volumio-pi. I use Sandisk USB 1TB exFAT. Volumio is great, but disappearing pointers are bad news. Doesn’t look like this bug has been acknowledged?