Playlist import

I’m new to Volumio.
Just succeeded connecting from my RASP to my PC and make Vol recognize my shared folder.

I wonder if there is a way of importing a playlist (for ex. m3u file) to make Vol display my music in the order I am familair with (I have more than 5000 files in my shared folder, which I used to play with fb2000)


volumio recognizes .pls and .m3u play-lists if your playlist files haven’t been created with absolute path but relative paths you should be able to import them as long as the folder structure is the same it works. If you want to use Flac with .cue files you’ll need to search around the forum for information and how to get that to work.

I wanted to import my itunes playlist. I ended using excel with the concatenate formula to put them in a volumio playlist format. The initial process took a while but after while it got faster. After getting the format correct its a matter of using Filezilla and copying it to the playlist folder. You will to install a ftp service on volumio to be able to use Filezilla to browse the files within volumio. This will enable the transfer of the playlist files to and from volumio.

You have resurrected a very old post, and comments previous to yours are not applicable to Volumio 2. HOWEVER, the contents of your post may well be of great interest to a large number of people, and I think, if you would be prepared to do so, it would make a great addition to the ‘Guides’ section. You might like to think about dividing it into two sections: one dealing with the spreadsheet conversion to the Volumio format, and the other with the setting up of the ftp server. If you have the skills, then an even better thing would be a Volumio plugin, but this would be a bit more specialised.