Playlist help

So, I’ve just moved up from Version 1 to Version 2. I noticed that we have Playlists that we can add, and a Queue. I browsed my library and added some files to a couple of new playlists (Added/named the playlist). Then I browsed to the play list and clicked on play. Nothing happened. Checking my queue, I now see that it is empty, whereas it had other songs I had previously added to the Queue before. So, I say OK, and I go back the the play list and click on Add to Queue. Nothing plays. Nothing has been added to the Queue. I checked the playlists and they do, indeed, have songs in them, which do work. I can add these files to the Queue, from browse, and then play them. In fact that’s the only way to play songs other than playing them directly from browse. Can somebody please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I use Chrome on my Android phone and my laptop is running Linux Mint. I would very much like to add and play playlists. Thanks.