Playlist folder, keeping playlists on NAS, using mpd playlis

So i have a bunch of mpd playlists I’d like to keep.
Also I like to have my playlists saved externally on my NAS.

So I did create a playlist but it won’t show up in /var/lib/mpd/playlists as said in /etc/mpd.conf.
I have symlinked my playlist folder there but it doesn’t show in volumio interface.

so… what am I doing wrong, where are thee playlists saved and if the format differs from standard mpd format, am I able to still keep using them?


Playlists are in ‘/data/playlist’


How do I put Webradio into a playlist so I can use the alarm?

I don’t think that you can … suggest a feature?

maybe I can use/import my .pls or .m3u playlists somehow?

it seems to be working in '2016 … hared.html