Playlist filesnames contain *20 instead of "blank space"

Hello there,
just a little optical glitch, but in the playlist windows, files I added via DLAN OpenHome, the file name is shown as (e.g.)

path : 192.XXXXXXXXXX/minimserver//CD … *20Trigger

Only if I click in the paylist on such a song, the display of the song name and album/artist infos changes to a proper looking:
11. Now I’m All Over The Shop
Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger

volu Unbenannt.JPG

I suspect that volumio does not pull the ID3 tags when songs are added via DLNA, but only on the first time the song as played. Before the song is played, the information shown is not the tag metainformation, but the filename and path. As I said, just an optical thing,

Best, corduroy

I just verified - the same behaviour is still there in 1.55 version? Any ideas to fix this ?


I am amazed that 9 years later this same thing still happens with filenames when playing dsf files off a nas. Any chance this will ever get fixed?

@volumio The first post of this threads mentions the probable cause of this issue.