Playlist doesn't work after updates

Playlists don’t work after all updates (almost 7 times). I’ve always redo them at every single update. They are visible in the list of the playlist (oddly no more the covers of the all songs) but clicking on single song or playlist don’t sing. Also with restoring back-up of the same playlists. Best Regards. Claudio LS

Volumio Version: last
Hardware: Raspberry 3
DAC: Allo Boss

from what I see in the logs, it cannot access the files on the USB HDD.
Can you try:

  • Disconnect the HDD, mount it on windows (or linux) and unmount it properly)
  • Make sure the files are available and not deleted

Let me know

Hi, the files with the songs are always in the pendrive formatted NTFS plugged in the USB of Raspberry (in fact I can recreate the same playlists, one song for one song);
the playlists are always in “volumio_data–>dyn–>data–>playlist” in the EXT4 of the MicroSdxc of Volumio. Please, help me because i waste much time for recreate them every update.

Are the files always in the same position?
Why you place in dyn? they should be in data…

It is all untouched: the playlists ARE in “data” (that is a subfolder of dyn). (Volumio_data is the name of partition Ext4)
I can add that is a old trouble that i’ve hoped to resolve by myself.
I’ve tried with different microsdxc, Raspberry, pendrives.
The strange thing is that before of the update , when playlists work, i see in the playlist the same cover of the file; after update, when the playlists do not works i don’t see any cover in the playlist…