playing something without the need to add it to the playlist


first : BRAVO … I enjoy this GEM and I am impressed by the development team :slight_smile: I will actually start looking for a better DAC that is supported by Volumio to enjoy even better quality

The request :

I would like to see the option to “play” in the drop down menu without the need to add it to the playlist first … I have about 2000 CD’s I converted (yes i bought them all over the last 25 years) and I play a lot of different music but once played I don’t want to play that particular song/album again for a couple of weeks

A simple “play” whatever is selected in the library (file , directory or station) would be great and help the user interface … this morning for example i selected the BBC (forgot the add and play) and pressed the “play” button and to my surprise it selected the first item on the playlist (a radio station in Belgium) …


That would be a good feature. I have just started with Volumio but the “add to playlist and play” is not super intuitive. If you are already browsing your library, you should be able to just click play. I guess the playback should go thru all the songs in the folder (CD) and stop.

Every music player has to have a playlist that has the current music being played. This player is just quite up front about the existence of this playlist, and gives remarkable control over it.

If you just want to play an album, getting rid of all previous items on the playlist, then in the webUI click on the icon to the right of the folder and select “add, replace, and play”.

Something else you can do is turn on “Consume mode”. This means that once a track has been played it is removed form the main playlist. This is really useful when you are shuffling a large playlist that may get stopped and don’t want any repeats happening.

Looking at GMPC, they call it the Play Queue. This is a more descriptive name. Maybe rename Playlist to Play Queue?

Just double click on a file and it will play! :wink:

Double click on a file… What about if I am using a tablet/mobile phone?

I too have been looking for this. I am using my Samsung S4 and iPad as the controller and the “double click” thing simply doesnt work. I wish there was a way to do this. spotify, itunes, logitech etc all work this way…

In the meantime, here is a ‘dirty’ hack for all those who are waiting for a solution

On mobile devices there are apps available that can be used as a remote for Volumio.

If using an android device then you can use MPDroid There are others but personally I think this one is the best.

If using iOS then you can use MPoD I don’t use iOS any more, but when I did this app was amazing!