playing order of a album compilation


first of all, thanks for providing volumio, a very good programm. I am using it with the raspberry pi.
I am new to volumio and I have one problem with the order of the songs of a compilation - in the
library view of a compilation album, every song is in the order like it was on the CD.
But when I add the album to the play-queue, the order of the songs is shuffeled (I did not tick the “shuffle” button).
, see this:
order in libraray, everything is sorted form 1 to x:

order in playing queue, everything shuffeld:


How to solve this ?

I’ll be watching this. When I try to play an album, it copies to the queue out of order as well. I thought it was alphabetical, but maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.

I just realized that on my system, only certain albums have the playback order issue. Others do just fine. I will start a new thread.

Go for the artist view or the album view and do it there. The songs will be added in tracknumber order.

Unfortunately it’s not the same in the library …


You’re right, thanks!

Can you explain the order in alum view? Mine seems to be all over the place.

You are asking for the order of the albums in the album view, aren’t you ?

I can’t explain that. On the whole it seems to be ordered by artist … except compilations …

If I want to add an album I go for the artist view and use the search to find the artist/band.

To avoid sorting problems, I worked on my files. All are now correctly sorted in views and queue.
Here is the two things to do

  1. Name your files in order to get a right by name sorting

01 - title of song1.flac
02 - title of song2.flac

With 2 digits. Add zero(s)

  1. Tag your files

The ID Tag ‘Track Number’ must be tagged with 2 digits numbers. Add zero(s)
You can use a free software to tag and mass rename your files.
Easytag under Linux, Mp3Tag under Windows.

Re-tagging with leading zeros solved my issues as far as I’ve found so far.