Playing a single song or all in Spotify

If you click your mouse cursor in any other place than the Play button in Spotify playlists (the play button in the selected song), the whole list is added into you Queue. So it doesn’t matter if you click the song/album name or the song length… the WHOLE list is added into your queue. So it’s the same as you’d press the Play all button. Is it supposed to work like this? By this way I was adding (by test/mistake) hundreds of songs into my Queue and that caused the Volumio to freeze.

The Play button adds only one song to Queue:

But if you click for example the song length the whole list is added into your queue:

Go to playback options and select Playback Mode -> Single

Changed… Thank you!

You’re welcome!

I was also struggling for the same reason, i think “Single” should be the default option