Playback Zones not working

Screenshot 2020-03-19 08.35.01.pngI searched the forum but did not see this issue. Playback zones are not working for my installations. I have 2 RPi running the latest version of Volumio (2.729). One is named VOLUMIO-DESKTOP and the other VOLUMIO-MAIN. They both have fixed IP addresses and connect via WiFi. For a period of time this feature worked fine but over the last two updates it has not. This issue is consistent across web browsers & the Volumio iOS app. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate. Basically when I select the Playback zone icon I see both players but the one I want to switch to has a broken image icon and when I select it the player hangs and never connects.

Thanks, Marc

Hi Marc,
there must be an issue with the second device.
Is it on the same network? If you type its IP address in another browser window, can you reach its UI?

Screenshot 2020-03-19 10.57.31.pngYes they are on the same network and I can access the UI on each player using it’s static IP address. I have attached a screenshot from the other player.

Same problem here - let me know if you need more details.

I have the same problem, for me too, playback zones / multiroom isn’t working.
The web interface shows no multiroom tab.
In my dns logs (pihole) I can see both devices querying for its own name and the other device’s name, to me this means both devices correctly advertise them selves.
DIG shows the correct results on both devices.
How can I further debug this?

How come it says ‘Playback Zones’ on your system while mine says ‘Multiroom Devices’?

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 15.26.19.png

Bump - not sure why this is being ignored. At this point I am looking for an acknowledgement that this is being looked at for a solution.

Bump - see above.

@Steve - I don’t think it is an issue with Volumio since it’s working on my Volumio boxes without any problems.

  1. all Volumio;s are on the same network
  2. All Volumio’s have a unique name
  3. Just to be on the save site, I also renamed the HotSpot names to be unique in case WiFi is scanned as well.
  4. Browsing with FireFox v74.0 on my MacBook



2020-03-31 08_55_24-Volumio.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.jpg

Above image shows playback zones when each zone is selected.

Volumio - all zones visible
Volumioporch - 3 zones visible
Volumiogarage - 2 zones visible
Volumioexercise - 1 zone visable

It’s a problem

  • All on same network
  • All have unique name
  • All Hot Spot Off
  • Chrome (and other browsers)

Bump again - reply requested

Are you using different subnets? Are you using wifi repeaters?

Thanks for the reply.
All on the same sub net - No WiFi repeaters.

Mine too, all on the same network (only 1 AP).


Same problem here.
No hotspot, same network.
And I noticed that I can’t even see zones when my volumios are using WiFi. It is only visible with ethernet.
Anyway, connected to ethernet, I can see zones but it does not work.

Any clue ?

Bumped again.

This morning I did a fresh install and now the devices see each other again.
I have no idea why, perhaps one of the previous updates broke something.
At least now I am sure it was not an issue with my network.

Same issue here - I have 6 devices, half Pi3+, half Pi4 and “superstar” plan.
After some time the WLAN connected devices drop out of the Multi-room zones, did not experience this until some weeks ago.
Actually I am on the latest release.
Interestingly SNAPCAST usually still works when I cannot access the devices via multiroom. Re starts usually resolves the zones issue.
2 theories:
1 - is there any “general” WIFI issue with the current drivers? (as said - LAN connected ones are stable?
2 - could that be related to the “superstar” plan that device struggle to connect via internet to the service and get locked somehow?

It is not the WIFI network itself, same issue happens if the device is side by side to the router (Fritz 7590). I could stream 4k content on multiple devices (apple TV, Ipad,…) in parallel - so no bandwidth or connection issue.

If I cannot access volumios via zones, most of the times (not always) I could still connect via the direct IP adress. The Volumio app on Iphone/Ipad might have a cache? Shows sometimes old devices after they are definitively not in the network any more…

I am having the same problem. It was working fine until the latest update.

Since a few weeks it stopped working again.
Sometimes after a reboot the devices see eachother, often they don’t.
I see several other people have this too, perhaps it should be registered as a bug by @volumio?
Weird thing is that if it stops working, it doesn’t work from either device.