Playback sometimes stops abruptly

Hi all,

Since a few days Volumio sometimes just stops producing music in the middle of a track. The time bar keeps moving without sound. Sometimes it continues to the next track sometimes it don’t. I updated to V2.917 but still the same.

Does anyone else experiences this?



Just a thought, has the volume dropped to zero? Mine sometimes has a volume ‘wobble’

With which service? Can you please send log and paste output here?

Hi, thank you for your replies.
No volume stays on demanded value.

I play with Qobuz.
Here is my log:

There seems to be something strange with the music reproduction as well but I’m not sure yet about the cause because I recently switched from a Twisted Pear Audio BIII to a BIII SE Pro DAC. It might also have something to do with the Allo USBrige Sig driver…

I was listening to Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon man (my father played that song since I was born) and my suspicion became true; there are actually tones (data) missing in the music.

I noticed it with the installation of the new DAC. At 0:20 in the song a higher flute tone starts but you can only hear the echo of it in the back. At 1:16 a tockle starts of which again you can hear some in the background only but it should be expressively up in front. So strange.

Maybe you can see something of this in the log as well, I don’t know.




I have the same problem. Already for a long time when using Qobuz. Did you solve the problem? When I play radio I don’t have the problem. I have a RME adi-2 Pro fs r.


Sometimes the music still stops suddenly and continues with the next track. It depends on the day I guess.

The missing data issue was about a wrong firmware chip of the DAC. This caused the DAC operate in mono. The correct firmware solved that issue.