Play option: Play album from here

Hi all,

I really love Volumio but there is still one thing I am waiting for:

To play an album from song 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. In the Cambridge Audio App this feature is called “play from here”.

That can’t be too difficult to implement, right…?!


Best regards from Germany,

Hi Rita,

there is still no such feature but a workaround.

If “Playback Options” -> “Playback Mode” is set to “Continous” the system will behave the way you want. If you click on a song in an album, the album will start playing from that song.


Hi Pirx,
thanks for this workaround!
Can the Volumio community expect this feature soon to come?
Just something like “add all remaining songs to the waiting queue”…?!
Best regard