"Play next" functionality

“Play next” means it will add a selected item from library to queue right after currently playing item, keeping current song playing, and so next will be played song which was added by “Play next”.

Actually there are similar “Add to queue” and “Clear and play”, but still different, because in this case currently playing song will not be stopped and it will save a lot of time by manual removing queue items.

Under the hood it should do:

  1. Get current playing queue item position
  2. Remove all items after current item (optional)
  3. Add selected items from library into queue after current item


  1. Play song, whole album is added into queue

  2. Find other song/album and click “Play next”

  3. Once current song ends, a new selected song/album will start playing

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I don’t think play next should remove anything from the queue, instead move rest of the songs further down on it.

But yes regardless of the implementation, this feature should be added.

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Yes, agree, it can keep existing items in queue and insert new items after current. But to me it should remove them, because for example, after playing newly added album, it will return to remaining songs of previous album which was in queue, which already became irrelevant.


As a work around.
In the settings under “playback options” if you set playback mode to single. When you tap on a song it will play and add only that song to the bottom of the queue.
Then you can use the “add to queue” option on all the next songs you want.

well, it is not the same. In your suggestion current playing song will be stopped and will immidetelly start playing new song.

Thats not how it works for me.
If I have the single set in playback mode.

Now go to my library, find the track I want, then in the context menu select “add to queue” the current song keeps playing and the added song gets added to the queue.

ahh “add to queue”

but it will add to the end of queue. It will not be played next right after current item. You have to manually remove all items between current one and newly added one at the end to simulate behavior of suggested “play next” functinality to play new item right after current.

And btw no matter in this case what playback mode is set, “continuous” does the same effect as you described.

Yes thats it, but with single selected when you first select a song from the middle of the album it will not add the whole album. It just starts the one you’ve selected. then use “add to queue”

Only a mediocre workaround until the day we get what we need. :+1:

Implemented in my fork: feat: "play next" command · phts/NP-01_volumio3-backend@9120a3a · GitHub


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This could be merged if:

  • You harmonize the code style with existing code style. Aka, do not use async\await (while it’s a good practice, we aim for code consistency)
  • You also provide with the code for frontend
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You harmonize the code style with existing code style. Aka, do not use async\await (while it’s a good practice, we aim for code consistency)

Sorry, very unlikely I will rewrite it to legacy syntax.

You also provide with the code for frontend

I updated bundled files. Not sure if this useful for you however I invited into my private repo with modified Manifest theme files https://github.com/phts/NP-01_manifest-UI-mod

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@volumio i still really hope that this could be implemented in the official release. It’s a basic functionality that is missing up to this day. Thanks for considering in advance