"Play here", how does it work?

Hi there, is there any technical explanation somewhere about how “Play here” works?

I’d like to know if there’s any transcoding done or if the file plays at its original bitrate etc.


Ps. A comment more than a complaint: is it me or this feature is a bit unreliable? From time to time it does not work or it takes a while to buffer (using it at home with a gigabit wired and wireless network, and pretty good wifi signal when used wirelessly. These issues also happen when using a wired computer).

Just some observations, I don’t have a technical explanation.

What works well for me:
MP3 320: wifi 250+ Mb/s or ethernet Volumio side ==> fast wifi / 4G remote end
FLAC: ethernet Volumio side ==> fast wifi / 4G remote end

With a good connection each end, the sound quality is really impressive.

It’s inevitably sensitive to network issues at either end, especially if you’re trying to access lossless files. MP3 320 is much less of an issue.

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