play from USB thumb drive (on Raspberry Pi) using UPNP CP

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Thanks for all your efforts in making Volumio so great, of course special thanks to Michelangelo for this awesome product.

I’ve been able to set up Lumin as a control point for Volumio using the streaming service Qobuz, using these instructions:


However, I have a USB thumb drive with music attached to the Volumio Raspberry Pi, which I also would like to access / control using Lumin. Could anyone guide me to the process setting this up, if at all possible? I am not tech savvy at all :blush:

I am considering MyVolumio which would offer these features all in one package, but I am not sure I like the UI for especially the streaming services and there seems no way of finding out what it looks like without entering paid subscription.