play from network stream

I’m using win, linux and os x, rPi3b+ is connected to hq_dummy_dac,
hot to play sound through Volumino 2 form those devices: form watched movies,
pc/airbook music players and so ??

I’m using SWYH to stream my windows PC audio.
It detected and took over playback of Volumio 1.55 well. It hasn’t been so straightforward with Volumio 2 but I have found a simple enough work around.

If you decide to give it a try and you run in to any problems I’d be happy to share what little I do know.

Did you manage to make Volumio 2 work with SWYH? (not only with Http live streaming)
I posted a dedicated post here: swyh-stream-what-you-hear-volumio-t6948.html