Play from a USB CD/DVD drive, Pandora, Playlist management

If volumio could play CDs from USB connected external CD/DVD drives, it would make for a perfect home theatre system.

Right now, I buy CDs, rip them, transfer them to the ext. hard drive connected to Volumio and then play.

There is this old world charm of browsing CDs from your collection, inserting it, hearing it whizz, and then melody flowing.

And an external usb connected CD drive would make Volumio perfect.

Though is not available in my country, support for that would also be lovely. I have tried most streaming services through tunneling and I have found pandora to be the best in terms of sound as well as song suggestion and exploration.

Another could be that all playlists that we create are stored in a separate folder so that Library reads: USB, WebRadio, and Playlists instead of all playlists coming below Webradio. If we create too many playlists, it will get difficult to browse. Rather a more sophesticated playlist management would help us a lot.

It still it perfect as it is. These are just to make it even more complete.

See: volumio-player-t80.html

Thats a thread about it. The OP got it to work.

If you read it all it works like an how-to

Good luck and have fun