Play FLACs from Zip or other archive formats?

First post, just got Volumio working today with an Allo DigiOne DAC. All good so far.

I’ve tried searching and can’t find an answer to this question. I’ve been storing FLACs on my Synology NAS in Zip files (a whole album in one zip) and until now using VNC Player to play them on the Mac. VNC unzips the FLACs on the fly, it’s a great way to have hires files and use even less hard drive space.

Does such a thing as an archive opener exist for Volumio?
Or shall I start unarchiving everything? :scream:

Yes, start unarchiving everything. It doesn’t save space to zip an already efficient format such as FLAC. I just tried one example and as you can see below it made no significant difference:

That’s weird - I could’ve sworn there were more savings to be had. But you’re right, I just went through a few of my archives and found very little in it.