Play 1 second of silence before playing track

I have owned a few DACs that cut off the first half second of audio when first starting to play. Adding an option under playback options to add a second of silence would be an easy fix for this. The option to add .5 to 3 seconds of silence in .5 second increments would be a bonus.

Like this idea, I’m currently battling with clicks at playback start with PCM1792 DAC piggybacked on WM8804. If there where this option I could use it to release mute after some delay after clock is started.

It is according with some setup of i2s port.
I thing the clock or ws signal is not working all the time, start only when stream start.
Dac have to synchronise clock and after that data can be decode…
Just setup clock as working all the time.

Wysłane z mojego SM-G950F przy użyciu Tapatalka

leave i2s bitclock and wordclock going all time, holding data 0 will work if you use only one bitrate files. Tough I don’t know how easy would be to implement it, maybe playing some short piece of silence as prefix will be easier. It would be nice to have some prefix of new bitrate before playback at new rate. And we need mute signal at stop on some gpio pin (I think this is already implemented with some dac’s).