Planning a new system


I have been away for a while, and stopped using My Volumio after my Piano 2.1 and Kali died.

The system I use at home is Sonos. I have one Connect streamer connected to an amp and speakers in a living space. Upstairs I use a Connect amp streamer with built in amp, again wired to some passive speakers. In the kitchen I use two play 5 speakers as a stereo pair. I don’t need or use Alexa or google function. Sometimes I use multiroom function. I have a music library on a separate NAS drive, and use Qobuz, listen to BBC radio shows, BBC Sounds, Mixcloud and Soundcloud. All control is from iphone apps.

I would like to move away from Sonos for one reason and another. I am looking for some suggestions for new hardware. When I played with the Piano 2.1 before, I just wired it into the living room amp. I am thinking new active speakers, or passive and small amplifiers upstairs and for the kitchen, with three new streaming devices of some sort. Ideally the hardware needs to be neatly packaged and simple to use. The system needs to be robust, simple to use and sound good.

Can I have a few suggestions? Cheers - Chris.