PlainDAC + RPi ZERO + slim case = smallest streamer

Hi all,

you might have already heard about our super affordable and high quality PlainDAC series starting from 9.90€.
The new RPI ZERO matches perfectly with this concept.

Therefore we have created STL files for a super slim case and a little writeup how to assemble it.
It is just 68 mm x 48 mm wide and about 10 mm high.
Might be the smallest, most affordable volumio experience at a stunning sound quality available today.

Even FLAC files up to 192kHz / 24 bit over wifi are no problem.

For more details see:

Best wishes,

Looking good :sunglasses:
Add a battery pack and your good to go.

Does it have some sort of headphone amp? or is that your next project? the PlanAMP you got on your site.

Oh and the shadows are a bit strange, floating screws :ugeek:


well, somebody could simple plug in a USB power bank if a battery is needed.
No, currently no headphone amp. We had several people asking for that, so we might develop a version where you can plug in your HP directly.

The PlainAMP is a speaker amplifier with I2S inputs. We will have them in stock by the end of this week.

Those are magic screws in in picture above :wink:


I’m happy PlainDac user. You can hook up headphones as long as they’re low impedance ones. For example 32ohm sound just fine only one thing that’s little bit lacking is power in the bass. It is there but little low on umpf.