pins I²s DAC

I am currently making an i²S dac with the pcm 1718, but now I am stuck because i dont know the pins volumio uses.
does it use the standard pins?
CLK :confused:
PCM frame :confused:
Data: ?
Thanks in advance,

Volumio is not a driver so it is not using your “pins”, but depends on your board’s gpio, device tree, alsa driver and codec.
Make it work on a linux platform first (which board are you talking about?) and Volumio may be able to use it.

PCM1718 will not work with Raspberry Pi because it need masterclock (MCLK) Data, Bitclock, and LRclock arere standard on any RPi. Only way to use dacs that need MCLK with raspberry is piggyback on something that is i2S master, grnerates MCLK and has driver included in volumio. I currently use PCM1792 on top of HiFi Berry digi (WM8804 chip). I tough see no point on using PCM1719 because cheep PCM5102 and PCM5122 are better and can work directly with RPi because they can work without MCLK. There are also some reclocker hats that generate MCLK for RPI but they are not cheep. Only board that I know has MCLK on board and has Volumio Image available is Odroid C2, tough I use it for XBMC, not Volumio, because of hardware x265 support.