Pimoroni Unicorn Hat "light show"

Hello all i no it’s a bit daft but fancy adding a Pimoroni Unicorn Hat to my Pi 2 to have a little light show which dances along to my music so wondered if anyone has added one and was it easy to setup ?



I’ve got a Unicorn Hat. As far as installing and setting up the Unicorn itself, that was pretty easy, the instructions are pretty easy.

As far as getting it to turn into a dancing lights display…I didn’t get very far, mostly because I was using squeezeslave with Logitech Media Server at the time, that only allows one audio output from what I could see, so there was no way to pipe the audio to the Unicorn and also to the speakers.

With MPD, which Volumio uses, you can have multiple audio outputs, so in theory you will be able to pipe the output to a script to then power the Unicorn. I have seen I think one example of someone using the Unicorn as a dancing lights display after some googling, but as for how to do it, can’t help you I am afraid.

FYI, the LEDS on the Unicorn are very bright, so I recommend some form of diffuser over the Unicorn to stop it being too distracting!