Pimoroni LineOut + Volumio setup question

I’m new to volumio but comfortable with RPI.

I attached the “PirateAudio LineOut for the RaspberryPi” hat by Pimoroni today on a Raspbery PI ZeroW board. I then installed volumio image, and went through the startup as expected “saw the hotspot, connected to it, walked through the install.”

Nothing stuck out as the obvious on list of I2S dacs, so I went with the HIFIBerry DAC. It didn’t work. The Pimoroni board has a PCM5100DAC chip onboard - not sure if that helps.

EDIT: just found this post: pimoroni pirate audio and added the line gpio=25=op,dh to my config.txt file on the pi, but it’s still not playing any audio. Thoughts?

Thank you,

Hi did you solve your problem? I have the same… :frowning: