PiFi Digi + v.1.0 cannot configure this soundcard

First, I am new here to this forum. And I’m not native speaker, so excuse bad grammar maybe!
Ordered a soundcard for raspberry pi from a chinese trader and cannot get it work.
Don’t know, which “dac” to chose in system setting. Until now I tried several different but no sound.
Any ideas? Could not find helpful information with google …

Many of the China clones of DACs seem to work with the Hifiberry drivers … for example see this post pifi-china-clones-the-hifiberry-t4285.html

Thank you, this I discovered also with help of google.
But this doesn’t help me. I need to know, what to choose in system setup to make the soundcard play music?
I upgraded to latest version of “volumio” today, there are more options in the newest version but I cannot find the right one for this “PiFi Digi+ V.1.0” Soundcard.
For adding “systemlines” I have too little knowledge of Volumio.

What options are you given under “Output Device” in the “Playback Options?”

I can not control this now, only come back to the raspberry in 14 days.
But thank you, I’ll check this out then and when there ist another questions, I’m posting it here!

Edit: took a look where I bought it for my friend and here is a picture which describes the settings (have to scroll down for the picture). And by the way, I cannot read what there is written at “output”, because the pictures are blurry (anyone can read that or tell me what output?)
I took screenshots from the pictures and so I can try, when I’ll be back to the friend in a few weeks!

The PiFi is a clone of the Hifiberry - it should work out of the box by setting your Volumio I2S card to HiFiBerry DAC Plus

This page would seem to have the required answers:


Hifiberry DAC plus worked for me on RPi4 in Volumio v2. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Volumio v3. Any suggestions?