PiFi DAC+ v2.0 / Raspi2B / current Volumio

Hi, Is the PiFi DAC+ v2.0 compatible and working OK with the Raspi2B and current version of Volumio? I have seen very old posts that indicate complex software workarounds are required. I’m hoping that is no longer required. Thanks

Did you already buy one? If not, save yourself the bother and get something that’s guaranteed to work like the Hifiberry.

As you say there were lots of software and pin out workarounds for the older version, there’s nothing about the v2 on these boards.

Except there is this

Thanks SimonE, It looks like it works so I will give it a try. Thanks again

i have a Rpi2b with pifi dac+ v2.0, is working ok with latest volumio as I2S dac model : Hifiberry dac+

Thanks LEFTERIS1 , that’s great news.