PIFI DAC v1.0 with RPi 2B

is there a way ho to correctly connect PIFI DAC V1.0 (26pin + 8pin) with Raspberry Pi 2B (40pin)?
Bought this PIFI by mistake … Can’t make it working …
Just plugging in does not work. 8 pin connector should be osed also probably. But what pin connect to which pin?

Thank You in advance for any idea

I thought, but could be totally wrong, that the original RPi pinout was the same as the first part of the latest 40 pin header. Seems like you might need to do some Googling here. (What is the 8 pin header for on your DAC?)

It is probably mapped to the Pi v1’s 8 pin connector?

EDIT: Search for some images of it mounted, it should be mapped to P5 on the old Pi, so you just need to connect those I2S pins correspondingly, along with power of course…

Didn’t realise that some GPIOs were on a separate connector … seems a bit odd, but I guess that is why the spec was changed. :slight_smile:

Well. I tried several pin mapping but with no success yet. Still trying … Also trying to get info from producer.

maybe this might help, to make the connections: