Piano 2.1 DAC crossover

I got a reply in TI forum that the PCM5142 DAC used in Piano 2.1 can be set at any crossover frequency using purepath. That means, this DAC can be used for 2way speakers? for ex. why set for crossover point below 200hz. it can be set at 3khz and use it for a 2way bookshelf speaker. is my understanding correct?

Yes it is, but PurePath needs a license and the current driver does not have PurePath and therefor does not offer this functionality.

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“current driver does not have PurePath”
this i believe you are telling with respect to volumio. however is there a possibility to make raspberry pi load a custom config file (instead of the one selected by volumio) for piano with custom 2way crossover settings?

I’d also be interested in how to set crossover points up for the second set of outputs.