Piano 2.1 and Kali Sound output issue

Just loaded the Sparky build of volumio.

VERSION: 2.167
RELEASE DATE: 12-05-2017

My setup is : Sparky >>> Kali >>> Piano 2.1
Power to the system is via The Power brick supplying power via kali.

Output from RCA 1 and 2 >> marantz pm6006

Setting in Volumio : Subwoofer output is 2.0

Issues :

  1. This build doesn’t support dual stereo or dual mono

RCA output : 1 and 2 , i get stereo sound
RCA output : 1 and 4 , Only sound on one channel
RCA output : 3 and 4 , No sound

now the strange part when i change the setting on the amp to direct mode - i get sound only on one channel., this is with the RCA outputs 1 and 2

I tried changing the amp to another onkyo avr sr 608 and same problem, it sounds fine in stereo mode but when i switch to direct i get sound only on one channel.

What can i try next ?

Should i remove the kali and try ? any other pointers ?

i have a raspberry pi 3 as well, should i try installing the same on raspberry pi 3 with kali and piano 2.1 and see if that works

Ok so i took apart the sparky kali and piano and put them back together .

the Direct mode is working now. ( not sure if the reboot or just putting it back together did the trick)

the Dual stereo and dual mono are still not working though

Its not released yet…soon