Pi4b with screen and Cyrus key poor sound and every couple minutes heavy distortion

I have a weird issue with my volumio. I have installed the official Pi screen and running Tidal, seems to be any format the sound quality is awful and occasionally heavily distorted.

If I disconnect the screen, sound is fine. If I plug directly in to 3.5mm bypassing my Cyrus soundkey the sound is fine. If I listen to files of any format from local drive the sound is fine.

The issue occurs when streaming from Tidal at any quality. I did wonder if the Pi official power supply was struggling to run Pi, USB stick, Soundkey and screen but I have tried separately powering the screen with no improvement. If I query the Pi with various power commands I dont find any fault, no under voltage or throttled cpu or anything like that.

Im now at a loss to what the issue is but currently theres not much point me paying for premium Tidal streaming.

Thanks, would appreciate some ideas

To me it seems that this is an underpower issue on the USB side.
If you have a powered USB hub on hand, I would try attaching the DAC to this one

Thanks for that, so you sre suggesting to plug the Cyrus Soundkey into a USB hub and then plug the USB hub in to the Pi?
Weird that my iPhone powers the Sounskey with no battery drain or sound issues, I also have a Pi2b which also works ok. Issue only happens when the screen is connected also.