Pi2 Design with Volumio 3

I have successfully downloaded and flashed Volumio 3 to my raspberry pi3. I have a Pi2 design streamer. What DAC model is associated with this streamer in configuration wizard. I have tried several with no luck/playback. I also do not see the CD player in the plugin section. Any help would be appreciated

For Pi2AES, select I2S DAC and HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro.

CD player is not in plugins. Look for CD Playback and Ripping in the Sources section (requires Volumio Premium account)

HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro does not work. Any other suggestions?

HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro does not work. Any other suggestions?

Then your problem is somewhere else, because it is Pi2 Design’s recommendation and many people use that setting.

Do headphone and USB output work? Select I2S off, “headphones” as output device and listen with headphones plugged in. Or connect your DAC to the USB and select it as output device. If they don’t work, something is wrong with your source. If they do work, contact Pi2 Design for troubleshooting the Pi2AES.

I actually got it to work with Allo Digi One. With the older version it was HiFi Berry Digi+ Not sure how this is possible but thanks for help