Pi0 and 3A+ running out of memory?

Hi there,

I’ve been puzzling a fews days now because I have issues running volumio (started with june version and upgraded to newest version hoping it would be fixed), but I am getting nowhere with my limited linux knowledge.

The problem is not with booting volumio itsself, that’s fine, but when loading my smallest directory from my nas (5700 titles) it seems to run out of memory or somethinh and volumio restarts after a while, OR is not responsive for who knows how long (it is very long over 30 minutes at least).

When i look in “top” I can see node and kswapd0 are using the most cpu power, and the green light on the 3A+ is constantly on indicating a lot is being written or read from microsd (which is a very good quality sandisk or samsung evo, tried both in all pi’s, all same issue so 99% certain has nothing to do with sd quality). As said I tried in pi0w and 3A± pi’s… I have 2 of both so not an isolated issue.

I also have a pi3b and 3b+ they work excellent in same setup, so, it seems to me that there is a memory issue going on. can anyone help me getting volumio to run smooth on my brand new a3+ pi’s ??? I actually bought them because I thought the pi0w was too slow for volumio but it turns out that maybe the lack of memory is the issue…

regards pkeijzer72

I downloaded an old build (volumio-2.565-2019-03-12-pi) and in SSH -> top I can see the swap is actually configured and used…

never mind… still the same issue takes forever to load the database as playlist…dispite the use of the swap… I’m puzzled.