pi zero w with phatDAC no volume control

I installed volumio ver. 2.175 on a pi zero w and (despite that I am totally new to the whole raspberry pi field) everything went fine. Pimoroni phatDAC was immediately recognized and the sound is really gooood. The only thing that bothers me is that I cannot control the volume from my android device. I tried all different options and their combinations in settings but no luck. The choice to enable the software mixer had some really unwanted effects (the volumio interface on my phones froze - a nexus 6 and an lg g5 and restarting the url from chrome did not resolve the situation). I shutdown and restarted from shell. Any ideas anyone? I can only think that it might have something to do with the phatDAC.

Similar behaviour here: failed-set-software-mixer-type-rpi-pcm5102a-dac-t6637.html
But I can’t say if they are related…
In my case, it used to work fine (and it works even now) with version 2.141. Is version 2.141 working with your equipment?