Pi Zero W Setup?

I have searched on here for a couple of hours, I found links that don’t work to apparently had stuff to put in the /boot Nothing I have found works. I can get this to work perfectly on a RPi3B+ but I need it to work on a RPi Zero W.

The installation stalls after partioning the SD card. It seems like it cannot mount the partions after creating them.

I wonder if perhaps the firmware on the zero W has been updated. I had run “Buster” on it previously and ave a running s"Stretch" with working wifi.

I have tried starting with a fresh SD image alone and with a fresh image with an ether-usb fob attached – same result. It never brings up the wifi.

Could someone point me to a complete working installation?

First boot HDMI output:

Reboot result:
Volumio SD card after First Boot.png

Note this: https://forum.volumio.org/zero-installation-stalls-t12707.html