Pi zero 2w pirate audio display

I am trying to install the pirate audio plugin for volumio 3,396 and the screen comes up saying please wait then keeps flashing . I know the plugin is beta but from other posts it worked with other versions. Does it work with v 3.396 or do I have to do something else for it to work?

There is a dedicated thread here

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I’ve used the instructions above and it works.

I have it running with a current 3.396 set-up on a Pi Zero (not a zero 2), although it was installed originally under an earlier version of Volumio which has been updated since.

But it works fine.

I got it working except for the x button. What should that do when pressed? When pressing mine nothing happens.The other 3 buttons seem to work OK.

Are you sure it’s the X button and not the Y button?

Just to double-check, as the Y-button GPIO pin can be changed via the plugin settings, as Pimoroni produced two different versions over the years and the GPIO of the Y-button is different between them.

It is a known issue for people to get the wrong setting, and so that button doesn’t work.

The most common action of the X-button is scrolling upwards in the presented lists (with Y-button scrolling down) if I remember well. But the version of the plugin I use is one I’ve rather heavily hacked about with myself for my own needs, although I don’t think I changed that kind of item.

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It is the upper right button that displays the three horizontal lines. The bottom volume buttons work fine after I changed In settings thr gpio from 20 to 24.
Is there another setting I need to make to get the x pin working? I am playing albums from an USB. The iPhone app works OK. I was hoping to have everything working independently from an app or computer browser. Is that possible?

OK yes that’s the X button, which should just work. No config setting there, as it’s always assigned to the same GPIO pin regardless of hardware version.

There are more details for this plugin on the main thread (link in the 2nd post above) which may give more insights. What you could perhaps do is SSH into your Pi and transfer the Pimoroni button script across (WinSCP or somesuch is your friend there) and see if that can detect the button (from here).

I’m not sure if that would work under Volumio, but it might be worth a shot. If it doesn’t, try a second SD card with RaspiOS on it and use that for such a test.

It might be that your board has a dodgy connection to that button. It’s on pin 36 (GPIO 16) - see here for more details. As these boards come fully assembled and Pimoroni are decent at their kit it should be OK, but I guess the odd rogue may slip through.

You were right, the x button is not working. Suspect a mechanical issue not a software problem. Thanks.

Your best bet would then be to contact Pimoroni support and see what they can do for you.
They’re normally very responsive and helpful for issues with their kit:

I bought another pirate audio from Digi-Key and works great. Love it! It was the little plastic button itself on the old one that was damaged and when I tried to press it a little harder it actually popped right off. With the new one everything works fine. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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