Pi Zero 2 W works great!

I am so happy to report that Volumio 3.251 works like a dream on my Pi Zero 2 W!

I am now able to free up my Pi400 to do other things, and run Volumio on my littlest Pi!


interesting! Are you using a DAC? which one? Interested in doing the same…

i am using a fiio btr5 via a usb hub (micro connector) until i get my my gpio pins soldered onto the pi. then i will move back to the iqaudio dac pro i was using before.

one thing i am having difficulty with is the pi 2 zero constantly “disappears” as an endpoint for spotify, tidal and airplay.

a reboot solves this, but the problem re-occurs requently.

could it be a network issue (im using wifi)?

or could it be system resources?

when this happens i can still use the pi normally via the web interface. i just can’t “cast” to it

If it helps others.

How to get the IQaudio Codec Zero working on the Pi Zero W.

IQaudIOCODEC -IQAudio PI Codec Zero