Pi setup works but second boot fails

Hey I’m new here! :slight_smile:

I have used and installed Volumio several times and never had issues. But now I have something very weird and can’t find any solution.

I have a Pi 2b, Pi zero and Pi zero w. Installation on the Pi 2b works like charm. With both other Pis I can complete the setup via Hotspot Mode but after the reboot the Pi won’t connect to my network. The hotspot doesn’t show up either which should be the case if the system has no internet access. I tried 2 SD Cards (Samsung and Sandisk Ultra both 32GB) for the zeros . It seems like an SD Card Issue but the SD Cards work if I flash other Systems like Raspbian or MotionEyeOS. But if I put the MicroSD into the Pi 2b I have the same issue.

Any tips where I could start trouble shooting to get those things working? Not sure where to start because I have three different SD Cards and the one with the worst specs works. And the others work for anything else but Volumio.