Pi Setup keeps becoming unresposiv

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Pi 1 B+ / Pi 2 B (with official power supply and ethernet connection)
DAC: Pifi Digi+ (Hifiberry Digi clone)


Ihave been using Volumio on my Pi 2 B for a while now, but most of the time, when i want to access it after a while it it is not accessible. Neither web UI nor SSH (which i always enable) works.
After a power cycle the problem will be fixed temporarily, but it will come back, after a few hours or days
I finally wanted to sort this out so i tried the following steps:

  • fresh install on a new Micro SD card - no success, installation ran fine at first, but was unresponsive the next day

  • reflashed the image again and tested with my Pi 1 B+ - same results as before

My Network Setup is pretty solid, so i dont expect the issue here, but the other constants throughout my testings were my official Raspberry Power Supply and my not so official PiFi Digi+.
But before i go and shell out the money to replace those, i want to rule out any software issues, which is where i will need some help with.

Any suggestions are apreciated!

This is a problem that has been posted about a number of times over the last few years. There is no obvious cause or anything indicated in logs, as far as I am aware. By it’s very nature it is difficult to problem solve. One possible way of dealing with it is to reboot your device, which you have obviously employed. You can automate this process to make life a little simpler.

Sorry for the lack of a solution. I agree it’s one of those little “niggly” things that are irritating, but it is uncommon enough, and infrequent enough to be low down in priority. I found the problem to be worst a few years ago with RPi/RPi2 and a wireless connection, but I still get it very, very occasionally on wired with a more modern board.

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Thanks for looking into my issue!

At least it’s good to know that it’s likely not a hardware issue, so i dont have to waste money on that.

You talk about automating reboots. I assume this would be like a cron job that, for example, reboots every night? Or would you suggest another method?
Either way, since i’m not very versed in linux things, it would help me a lot, if you could point me in the right direction of how i would set this up.

Thanks again!

You can take a look at watchdog

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Or How to set up Volumio to reboot nightly for cron and systemd solutions.

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Upon further testing with the suggested methods, i realized that my Raspberries start to hang within 30- 60 minutes after i stopped playing music. I never had it happen during playback.

Unfortunately that means that both suggested methods of automated reboot wont help a lot.

I am giving up for now, as this is giving me a lot of frustration for something that is supposed to be a fun music project. I might test older builds some time later, since i dont remember having those issues a few years ago.

I hope this becomes higher priority some day, because i think the older Pis are powerful enough for a basic Volumio setup and it would be great to see them fully working again.

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