Pi-Control on Volumio

I wonder if its was possible to make Pi-Control run on Volumio 2.328.

Im currently running an Pi3 and an Fio E10K, using Berryboot cause backup is easy…
Added minidlna and changed some samba shares, my music is on /berryboot/media.

I notized my Pi is going a little hot (about 60°), so i start searching for temperature monitoring,
found Pi-Control (h…ps://pi-control.de).

Looks very interessing, but i cant make working on Volumio. As far as i understand its running
using nginx (im not a linux user, just some very basic linux skills).
But cant figure out which Webserver Volumio is using…

ty Jood

hi again,

i was able to make Pi-Contro, to run on Volumio.

i just installed nginx and php5-fpm and copy the PI-Control files.
after that i spend some hour on config files… finally it runs, only 1 problem left.

After Shutdown/reboot nginx will not load, bcs a missing directory
if create this directory by myself using “mkdir /var/log/nginx” the server will start.

My simple question:
How to make that directory stay after Shutdown/reboot ?

found by myself, just put in rc.local

if [ ! -d /var/log/nginx ]; then
mkdir /var/log/nginx/
chown www-data:www-data /var/log/nginx/

Now everything runs fine