PI 3 with hifiberry dac+ rtc


I am new to the software and I have a RPI 3b with a hifiberry dac+ rtc and a PI Touch display.
I cannot get the hifiberry working as it should.

There is a complete new installation on a SD card.
The network connection to my nas is functional. (Just for testing)
I cannot select the “hifiberry dac+ rtc” from the list. When I select the “hifiberry dac” I have sound but no volume control.
When I select the “hifiberry dac plus” I get a alsa device error. But all the functions like sound are functioning.

How can I get the “hifiberry dac+ rtc” to work with al the hardware function ions?

Kind regards,

I would imagine that this card would just use the “hifiberry DAC+” driver. You say that you get an alsa error, but it functions ok?