Phatbeat + RPiZ and PirateAudio + RPiZ

Hello, yesterday I joined Volumio.
I got a hint from a friend to try Volumio. For years I have been using Pirateradio phatbeat on RPiZero. So I purchased an PirateAudio too in order to enhance user interface.
My intention now is to setup two sets streaming my favourite radioprograms. One set RPiZ+Phatbeat the other RPiZ+PirateAudio both running volumio Today I have been trying to understand how to install the latter one.( lots of headache ) During installation I was asked for a dropdown selection but no PirateAudio is available hifiberry DAC yes so which one to select. phatbeat was available but not for the Pirateaudio setup. Another problem was to to define the radioprograms to stream. on my previous Pimoroni based phatbeat setup I used syntax: and the setup decoded such streams properly. The volumio setup did not. Usually i have alist of 4 to 8 streams of the same broadcaster to select between. So i ask what stream syntax to I need for Volumio streaming? .

Very interesting excersice indeed
Any ideas from support are welcome

CalleB Helsinki

It seems obvious I don’t understand how to setup GPIO’s for volumio v 2.783 running on Phatbeat+RPiZeroW. There are the following plugins loaded: Pirate Audio, GPIO Buttons 0.8.1 , GPIO Control 0.0.1 and GPIO Radio Buttons 0.1.0. They are all loaded and in Active state. The question is I want to use buttons on the PHATBEAT like : FF, REW, PAUSE/PLAY, VOL UP, VOL DOWN. How do I configure them ? When making GPIO-settings using WEB UI should settings automatically be shown in config.txt and userconfig.txt, OR do I have to manually edit these two files ? As a non programmer I need advice on defining syntax…Like gpio=25,do,dh Please advice. I have tried to find proper tutorial on the FORUM but not found. I apologize. Maybe you could point me in right direction…So the struggle continues…

I managed on another setup PirateAudio3W + RPiZeroW somehow to control Volume±, webstream selection using A,B,X,Y buttons on display unit

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CarlBlyh / Helsinki