"Personal Radio" Plugin

Hi there,

Just to report - am running the latest volumio version on Tinker Board and the Personal Radio plugin does not work this particular platform.
Actually it is worst than that - not only the plugin does not get activated - when I rebooted the tinkerboard - it doesn’t come online.
To remedy this - have to start installing stuff from scratch.
Am interested in the Linn Radio functionality - hope the developer of this plugin can help


Hy Sym,

I don’t have a tinker board, but what i experienced with about 15 or more Raspberry Volumio setups is that this plugin, kind of interferes with the new “Volumio Selection”. Repeatedly i saw the following:

If the “Personal Radio” plugin is installed and activated - doing an inline upgrade to Volumio 2.348 (where the “Volumio Selection” is with - this won’t be there after the update.

On fresh v2.348 setups - where the “Volumio selection” is with - i get the same behaviour after installing and activating the “Personal Radio” plugin. The web server becomes unreachable.

This is happening on all my installations. Just try installing v2.2xx version and see if the “Personal Radio” plugin is working there for you.

This can be fixed by ssh-ing into the SBC and deleting the “personal radio” folder under /data/plugins.

i think this should be reported as a bug. Please test with an older version (where the Volumio selection was noth with) and tell me.

  • Josef

Thanks Josef for your reply.
When I restarted Volumio after deleting the plugin - the whole systems failed to come online. Includes the web interface and also volumio(tinkerboard) was not detected by my router. Ie it completes disappear on the network - therefore ssh-ing is not possible.

May be a good idea to have this as a note to the plugin page -as it did not state such a possible scenario. Quite a pain to set it all up again.
I’ll try installing the plugin after the bug is fixed. Thanks so much once again

update: I actually see an update on 5 Feb 2018. Is this version with the bug fix?
I am actually using volumio as a upnp renderer - the minimserver is used a a server and utilizing the kazoo control point to send music from minim to volumio. I am thinking is this plugin will work for me - since I am using the kazoo control point for playing music. I understand that your plugin is based on the volumio interface.


I made the personal radio plugin and original personal radio plugin that I submitted to the Volumio was working well. But Volumio team merged my code and they made some error in the code, so published plugin had not been working and I requested to Volumio team updated plugin should be released. The plugin was updated on 5 Feb 2018 and this version fixed bug that was not activating the plugin.

Chris Song